I am so excited for today because today is the first day of SXSWedu! I will be updating this blog at the end of the day. Maybe. Might be later, might be sooner but I will up date it at least once every day. At the end of SXSWedu I will be posting a video either on here or on my main blog (which is here). I will notify you of when that is posted but in the mean while…Lets have some fun!

Just thought that I would update you guys seeing as I haven’t updated here in a MONTH! (super sorry!)



P.S. If there is anyone that met me today and gets here somehow, please comment or tweet me or etc.

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SXSWedu 2013

Hey everybody!

So I entered and I got in to present this year! I am so excited and there is so much work to do. If you want to check out my panel go here:

I am so excited but I have to go back to work. Just thought I’d keep ya’ posted.

Will I see you there?



Hey Everybody!


Yeah, I know I said that I wouldn’t come back until SXSW next year and well for some people it is already starting. What I mean by that is that the Panelpicker for SXSW and SXSWedu are open. If you didn’t know, I got asked back and asked to do a panel at SXSWedu by Ron Reed, the Executive  Producer. So what I am saying is thatI am going to try it out and I hope that I get picked!

Also, If you remember the Tech by Superwomen, I was in their post on their website. (just thought I’d mention them here :D) See their website here.


Thank you Superwomen!

and furthermore…

Wish me luck!

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A Whole Lot of Free Stuff

This is my inventory (so far) on free stuff:

  • one twonky tee shirt
  • one moo tee shirt
  • two “show us yours” tee shirts (me and papi)
  • one iStockphoto skeleton tee shirt
  • one today show tee shirt
  • one circus mashimus spork tee shirt
  • two circus mashimus brunch tee shirts (for alessa and miro)
  • one wordpress tee shirt
  • one channel your inner human tee shirt
  • one twonky poster
  • one donkey vs elephant poster
  • eight ogilvy notes posters (all different)
  • one NY film academy brochure
  • one twonky brochure
  • one glomper poster
  • three build a truck papers (for alessa, miro, and pato)
  • one mini pirate hat (for alessa or pato)
  • one airy labs coloring book (for alessa, miro, and pato)
  • make or do postcard
  • three art postcards
  • how many texts postcard
  • vaultpress postcard
  • jet pack postcard
  • wordpress postcard
  • keyboard postcard
  • free event postcard
  • postcard
  • piano postcard
  • automatic postcard
  • chaos head postcard
  • sonic bids postcard
  • two beatrobo postcards
  • stillio postcard
  • japan nite postcard
  • larc en ciel postcard
  • two great britian postcard packs
  • sojo life postcard
  • two (different) moo postcards
  • brooklyn castle postcard
  • starlet postcard
  • digital shoreditch postcard
  • survey builder postcard
  • jess3 postcard
  • woodie awards postcard
  • glomper postcard
  • black butler postcard
  • super better postcard
  • anime overload postcard
  • chupey postcard
  • first championship booklet
  • planet movie folder
  • programs booklet
  • screen burn booklet
  • sxsw interactive booklet
  • two sxsw film booklets
  • sxsw edu booklet
  • sxsw film pocket booklet
  • sxsw interactive pocket booklet
  • british music booklet
  • british film booklet
  • technology is great britian booklet
  • two “i hate average” mini postcards
  • ‘i just shared’ brochure
  • first robots book mark
  • little chicken game company brochure
  • space camp brochure
  • two note napkins
  • four photobooth photos
  • four paper frames
  • flip board bookmark
  • google “passport”
  • rope and boney flyer
  • japanese interactive art flyer
  • angers flyer
  • schemer flyer
  • jobs flyer
  • three blue boxing glove keychains
  • three red boxing glove keychains
  • white bear keychain
  • black bear keychain
  • guitar keychain
  • hoot suite envelope
  • two ‘micro clean’ phone cleaners
  • five ‘geekery’ 3d glasses
  • green google wrist band
  • made in germany pen
  • space camp pen
  • uk pen
  • angers pen
  • gnwc pen
  • australia flashdrive
  • angers flash drive
  • iron mountain flash light
  • choo choo cat sticky notes
  • space camp sticky notes
  • delta airline pin
  • three isi pins
  • hootsuite pin
  • flip board pin
  • four i love pbs pin
  • uk pin
  • sxsw pin
  • four pbs pins
  • la film prize pin
  • rovi patch
  • brown paper tickets pin
  • wine glass pin
  • bra pin
  • two space camp pins
  • wordpress mini pin
  • yes we camp pin
  • got access? pin
  • i tent paris pin
  • pink word press pin (one for me and one for papi)
  • red word press pin (one for me and one for papi)
  • light blue word press pin (one for me and one for papi)
  • green word press pin (one for me and one for papi)
  • purple word press pin (one for me and one for papi)
  • hot pink word press pin (one for me and one for papi)
  • blue word press pin (one for me and one for papi)
  • two drop shadow pins
  • two <marquee> pins
  • vitamin t pins
  • sfs pin
  • yellow mt pin
  • blue mt pin
  • green mt pin
  • i push pixels pin
  • taking photo pin
  • bike mt pin
  • two istockphoto pins (one for me and one for papi)
  • two hippie guy pins (one for me and one for papi)
  • guy drinking wine pin
  • moose holding dead sock person pin
  • brown istockphoto pin
  • eye pin
  • two keyboard stickers
  • packet of tokidoki stickers (batman, two pink tokidokis, star wars, music card, star wars ship, hello kitty)
  • zero pc cloud sticker
  • m sticker
  • four i lovve robot sitckers
  • lady holding lemonade sticker
  • yes we camp sticker
  • two ‘i tent paris’ stickers
  • traffic live foamy sticker
  • born in TX wordpress sticker
  • tech by superwomen sticker
  • transparent hoot suit sticker
  • google mapmaker sticker
  • five tracks photo booth camera stickers
  • i want… a tardis! sticker
  • hoot suit tatoo
  • two lollipop chainsaw tatoos
  • three made in israel bouncy ball stickers
  • six android-ify yourself stickers
  • whos hou sticker
  • mashery sticker
  • we are austin tech sticker
  • old owl hoot suit sticker
  • lady owl hoot suite sticker
  • stop the fighting sticker
  • google maps guitar sticker
  • mashery sticker
  • girls! sticker
  • startup stats sticker
  • i rocked the fomo challenge sticker
  • engage or die sticker
  • two lollipop chainsaw stickers
  • moo faces business card
  • i heart 9 business card
  • kin 2 business card
  • lucky cat tv business card
  • moo business card
  • acl business card
  • we are hunted business card
  • sonic bids free music download card
  • made in israel free music down load card
  • academy of art tour/student work flash card
  • girls punk trio from japan music CD
  • jinny oops! music CD
  • rock music CD
  • flamenco and world music CD
  • pop rock volume one music CD
  • skeleton face guitar pick
  • full sail guitar pick
  • puffy foam stress robot
  • watermelon jolly rancher (being eaten)
  • twonky mints
  • liberate the artist mints
  • getty images chap stick
  • QR code cookie
  • two light bulb silly bands (alessa and i)
  • space camp rubber bracelet
  • orange poncho
  • three sojo life slap bracelets
  • hoot suite playing cards
  • twonky bag
  • puffy foam stress film roll
  • two made in israel beach balls
  • twonky robot hat
  • two google sunglasses
  • net base ice cream scoop
  • twonky bandana
  • .co bandana
  • blue KF silly band
  • professional people’s business cards!!!!!

Tech Superwomen

Yeah! I just met the TechSuperwomen! They are so super awesome! They just like totally talked about me in their panel! I love them! And if you are visiting this website of mine cuz you found me out in their panel, thank you! You should definitely email me or something! My e,ail and such are in the contacts section. Thanks! Tech superwomen are awesome!


Free Stuff and High Heels

in the first ten official minutes i got a bag full of free stuff. i had to go to the car and dump it out and come back. while i was there i figured out why i never saw anybody using high heels there. you can’t run with them unless you want to trip every five seconds or look like a girly girl running. i have learned my lesson. never will i ever, ever, ever use high heel shoes at sxsw. EVER.

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I met owly

well guess what? i am on hootsuite.

well guess what else? i met the hootsuite owl.

guess his name? owly. what a surprise.

guess what? i got my pic taken with him and got free stickers and tattoos and playing cards.

guess what else? i ❤ owly, he’s super cute!


It’s Official!

well even after 40 minutes, it’s official! i am officially a SXSW girl! yeah! so awesome! so happy! i hope these conferences are cool!


Sorry doesn’t cut it

“oh i’m sorry miss. thank you for waiting”

yeah. whatever.

this morning i had to wait close to 40 minutes to get my admission badge.

very fun. 😡

guess why?

because my picture “wasn’t in the right format”. even though it was in the exact format.

yeah. sorry doesn’t cut it.


SXSWedu promotion?

Hey everybody!

I was at the SXSWedu barbeque and my dad was speaking to the ‘executive producer’ about my website. This website! and he was thinking of putting me up for a panel next year about this site! And my about this experience! Thank you so much Ron Reed! Would this be counted as a promotion for my student career? I think it should! Whoo, this is awesome!!

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