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I am so excited for today because today is the first day of SXSWedu! I will be updating this blog at the end of the day. Maybe. Might be later, might be sooner but I will up date it at least once every day. At the end of SXSWedu I will be posting a video either on here or on my main blog (which is here). I will notify you of when that is posted but in the mean while…Lets have some fun!

Just thought that I would update you guys seeing as I haven’t updated here in a MONTH! (super sorry!)



P.S. If there is anyone that met me today and gets here somehow, please comment or tweet me or etc.

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SXSWedu 2013

Hey everybody!

So I entered and I got in to present this year! I am so excited and there is so much work to do. If you want to check out my panel go here:

I am so excited but I have to go back to work. Just thought I’d keep ya’ posted.

Will I see you there?