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It’s Official!

well even after 40 minutes, it’s official! i am officially a SXSW girl! yeah! so awesome! so happy! i hope these conferences are cool!


Sorry doesn’t cut it

“oh i’m sorry miss. thank you for waiting”

yeah. whatever.

this morning i had to wait close to 40 minutes to get my admission badge.

very fun. 😡

guess why?

because my picture “wasn’t in the right format”. even though it was in the exact format.

yeah. sorry doesn’t cut it.


SXSWedu promotion?

Hey everybody!

I was at the SXSWedu barbeque and my dad was speaking to the ‘executive producer’ about my website. This website! and he was thinking of putting me up for a panel next year about this site! And my about this experience! Thank you so much Ron Reed! Would this be counted as a promotion for my student career? I think it should! Whoo, this is awesome!!

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