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Hey Everybody!


Yeah, I know I said that I wouldn’t come back until SXSW next year and well for some people it is already starting. What I mean by that is that the Panelpicker for SXSW and SXSWedu are open. If you didn’t know, I got asked back and asked to do a panel at SXSWedu by Ron Reed, the Executive  Producer. So what I am saying is thatI am going to try it out and I hope that I get picked!

Also, If you remember the Tech by Superwomen, I was in their post on their website. (just thought I’d mention them here :D) See their website here.


Thank you Superwomen!

and furthermore…

Wish me luck!

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SXSWedu promotion?

Hey everybody!

I was at the SXSWedu barbeque and my dad was speaking to the ‘executive producer’ about my website. This website! and he was thinking of putting me up for a panel next year about this site! And my about this experience! Thank you so much Ron Reed! Would this be counted as a promotion for my student career? I think it should! Whoo, this is awesome!!

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